Hello everyone! i’m writing this next post from work, i know i know, i should be working right? but the thing is, i’ve already finished everything i had for this week. Today is the second day of total boredom, so i thought what better way to kill time than to write for you guys.

I learned something about me yesterday, as much as i try i will never be the kind of girl that can follow a diet, it may sound a bit crazy cause i’m pretty slim, why would i diet, but a coworker told me, “after 25 your body changes, you can no longer eat and burn calories the same way you used to” that kinda freaked me out a bit haha, 30 minutes later i found myself searching for diets on the internet. One of the first things that came up was this so called “military diet” wich was a 1000 calories per day meal plan, way too rigorous for me (although it was only for 3 days) anyways in spite of that i decided to give it a try.

First day was fine, it was enough food to not crave anything else or feel dizzy, second day i felt a bit weak but i went trough with it without breaking it, by the third day i was dying, that day at my office everyone ordered in some delicious mexican food for breakfast. I couldn’t eat a thing! and i didn’t, i was so close to finish the diet. By 6 pm i was seating at my desk with nothing to do but watch videos on you tube, starving to death! i got up and went to buy what we call here an empanada, i didn’t even think it i just went straight to it, i devoured it in like 5 seconds, after that i felt no regrets, i just thought ok i tried, now i know i will never be able to go trough with a diet, i have to learn to accept that haha. Haven’t weighed myself yet, i assume i should have at least lost some weight. But i don’t think i will be trying another diet anytime soon, i’ll just try to eat as healthy as possible.

That was it for this week, i have yet to post the photos of my last short short trip, i don’t think there’s enough material like to make a post so i’m just going to post the pictures, i did love my outfit though. Ok guys until next time bye bye!