First of all, big apology for haven’t uploaded anything lately but I needed some time to adjust in my new place, I been wanting to share with you some pictures of my neighborhood. Last weekend I had to go downtown Paris to get some stuff done and realized I live in a goldmine, really love it here, there are tons of furniture shops, art galleries and second hand shops, inspiration is in every corner here.
For those of you who just started following me, I recently moved to Paris, I live just one block away from the coolest Marche aux puces (Flea market), last saturday I was passing by and was amazed by the amount of people that comes every week and their incredible style, so I thought it would be great to do a street style edition for next post, this time with camera in hand I took a closer look to some of the stores, I found beautiful clothing and one of a kind designer pieces but also very affordable shops, antiques and of course, girls with a great sense of fashion, it is true that french girls have that “je ne sais quoi” that we all try to imitate, so without further ado I leave you with my favorite pictures, hope you like them as much as I do.
















Hi loves! I’m back with my very first travel guide to… Greece! yes, you guessed right. I thought of doing this after a friend of my sister told me she was going this summer and she needed some advice, she was so confused, just the way I was when I started planning my trip. It is hard to plan vacations outside of your own country, now imagine one with a completely different language. I hope this guide can be helpful and not too long to read, I tried to do it as complete as possible so there´s a lot of information. To make it easier I’m going to divide it in points:


1 The flight

Ok, first things first, how to get there: you can arrive by plane straight to one of the islands or to Athens the main city of Greece, however I decided to arrive in Athens because I wanted to visit museums and the Parthenon the day before going to Mykonos so I wouldn’t be hungovered (haha oops). Once you’re there, the easiest way to go downtown is by taking a bus, and from there walk to the hotel or take a taxi, it is cheaper this way.

How to get a good deal on flights: whenever you are planning to fly, there is a period of time where you can get a really cheap flight, between three months and one month from the day of the depart is the best time to buy it. I learned it from the best, look for Sonia’s travels on youtube for more tips.

There are some really helpfull apps to find economical flights such as: it collects all the flights from all the airlines available, you can even create alarms for when the price gets real low or set it to let you know if it finds a tariff of an exact amount. kayak will sent you notifiactions as often as you wish, this is where I bought mine and it was quite low-priced.


2 Hotel

You can search for Hostels in Athens to get a really low price, but I would suggest you to check out the hotels in this area;label=athens/plaka-K8iMJ7hfuFXZxofF0B6htwS31287258685:pl:ta:p120:p2:ac:ap1t1:neg;ws=&gclid=CjwKEAjwqLWrBRC-_OaG-IfL0kASJAAbzKsVITYKscQmu6LvY4eeiQlgwFFYw85TN8LPmclmUE0AnBoCjJ3w_wcB

(Only check out the area not the hotels listed on the right, make a search according to price)
I was surprised about how cheap they were, and they had all the services, plus they are super close to all the main attractions, you can go walking to the Parthenon, the Acropolis, Hadrian’s Library ruins, there’s also the Plaka district right around the corner, which is mostly cobblestone-covered little streets with cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. if you want to experience the real greek culture this is the place to go. I will list below some places to eat and party in Athens.

Now Mykonos is a bit pricey, but if you book ahead of time you might be able to find some really beautiful studios, villas or hotels at an affordable price (please do this with time, or you won’t find anything, I swear), you can also go real luxy at some of the best hotels and resorts in Mykonos or some of the near beaches. There is a beach for everyone, I will describe some of them in another point.
Here is a list of hotels and resorts at a very good price:

  • Rania Apartments, Studios and Suites (this is where I stayed) located in Mykonos downtown, super pretty, the staff was super helpful and always available, they even took us to the port for free. Oh! and has an excellent location.
  • Lino Apartments located in Paradise beach
  • Mykonos Chora residences also located in Mykonos downtown


You can go to for more options.

3 I’m there, Now where do I go??

There’s an activity for everyone, from museums to sightseeing to party.

Museums: I think is important to know the history of a country to really understand their culture, so I definitely suggest you to visit some of the museums. You can get in for free or at least with a discount if you have an international student card. Really helpful, I entered free to most archaeological sites with mine.

  • The Acropolis museum (closed on mondays) is about 5 euros.
  • The Acropolis (Open everyday from 8am to 7pm, other archaeological sites open until 3 pm.)
  • The time of closure may vary on summer so check out this link it has all the important sites listed 😉

Restaurants and Cafes: As I said before, Plaka is the best place to eat or just walk around, you will find there affordable restaurants or expensive ones. The owners of these places are super welcoming and sweet, I went there with my sister to one just next to the Acropolis, it was really cheap and the owner was so nice he went and talked to us, he even treated us to a traditional shot, a liquor called Masticha which tastes like gum and vodka I think haha but really good.

Night life: My favorite topic haha *monkey covering mouth emoji here. It is  usual to see a lot of places that offer a bar service at their roof top, at night the lights of the Parthenon go on and the terraces come alive. At Plaka you will find several hotels with rooftop bars you can go to, it doesn’t matter if you are not staying there.

I went to 360 Degrees but there are some in the same block like Plaka hotel or Athens Status Suites all of them have spectacular views. Oh! and beware of the waiters, they are really handsome and will try to take you home with them hahaha.

If you want to continue partying in some of the clubs just ask the waiters they know all the hot spots and they’re more than happy to help or take you there.




4 The islands

Enough of athens is time to get on board to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Some may say Santorini is the most beautiful island to visit but if you have to choose I would say go to Mykonos! This is the place to have fun, there is on one side, the city of Mykonos at the west-center of the island and several beaches through-out the coast.

Again, transport: There are several Ferry lines going at all times, however you should check the departure time to arrive on time, you can buy your ferry ticket in advance or that day, the site is really secure and you can send an email if you have any questions, they will answer right away. Here is the link to one of them so you can see prices.


Once you are in Mykonos you can stroll around the city, or visit some of the beaches, there is a bus stop at the north-easth side of the city super easy to find, there are buses leaving for each beach every half hour, and they cost about 4 euros, always buy the thiket to return. Also, you will find people selling you entries to events to see amazing famous djs, I went to see Benny Benassi for 50 euros at Cavo Paradiso, It included a drink too so I think it was a good price and it was AMAZING! here’s the clubs web site so you can see who will be playing each night.

Now a super short description of the beaches, cause this is getting too long and you won’t read it haha:

Mykonos: there is not as much space to lay on the beach, but you will find incredible clubs such as the Scandinavian club and Bar, get there before 8 or it will be too crowded to enter. It has the most handsome barman I’ve seen in my life! I feel like this is important to let you know girls. Also, great place to shop, you will find different designer stores.

In order of crazinnes:

Psarou Beach: Calmed beach with tons of sunbeds to rest, better for families.

Paraga Beach: My favorite one, the party starts at night in one of the hostel/beach clubs, full with young people, also tons of sunbeds to rent at a reasonable price (the rent is the amount of food or drinks you are going to have, the front row is more expensive) there are rocks at the surface and you can take pictures as if you were walking on water but careful super slippery. Important note: nudity is allowed.

Paradise beach: Home of the famous Tropicana Beach Bar, party starts early, Cavo Paradiso and Paradise Club  Important note: nudity is allowed.

Super Paradise Beach: Hardcore party here! also, here is where you can find the gay community.  Important note: nudity is allowed.

5 Where to eat in Mykonos  

You can find different restaurants in Little Venice or go to Jimmy’s famous Gyros, their really good, you can find Jimmy there he’s a super nice and funny man.

6 What to visit

  • The windmills of Mykonos
  • The Armenistis lighthouse

7 What to wear

Well aside from the usual: swimwear, shorts, light dresses, you should not wear high heels to a club, i learned this the bad way haha if you must wear heels go for wedges instead, believe me nobody cares, seeing the people in Mykonos town I thought it would be fancier so I put on heels, bad bad idea.





8 Languague

The official language is greek of course but everyone speaks english too.

9 Do’s and Don’ts

  • Say yes to new experiences, new people and adventures.
  • Be nice to the people working in the islands, most of them are there only for the season trying to make a living.
  • If you rent a car, scooter whatever don’t drink and drive, the roads are narrow and there are buses circulating all the time.
  • Don’t jump into the pool of the night clubs, they will kick you out.
  • Make an effort to learn some greek words like “thank you”, they will appreciate it.
  • Don’t leave your stuff unattended and beware of gypsies.









OMG! this has been the longest post so far haha, I loved doing this guide, it brought back a lot of memories, Greece will have forever a place in my heart. I really hope you enjoyed it please let me know if you have more questions, if there’s a topic i didn’t cover or anything. Until next time.

Bisous, Yunuen.


Summer is just around the corner, time to dust off your cutoffs and get one of the trendiest fashion items this season, forget the crop top (jk i love crops)  this year is all about off the shoulder tops and dresses. Anyhow you wear them, i assure you, heads are going to turn. In my opinion bare shoulders are a subtle way to be sexy without showing to much skin, I paired mine with my favorite dainty jewelry and white ripped jeans, it might be a bit hard to think on different ways to use this piece but the possibilities are infinite. Also i almost never put my hair up and wear red lipstick, but this seemed like the perfect ocasion to do it.

This look transports me to a vacation in Barcelona or Greece haha or maybe I just need some time off. Please let me know what you think in a comment below, I really hope you like it. 🙂 estaIMG_0270












Hello loves! it’s me again, I have a big announcement, WE HAVE A WINNER!!! yes, the YSL makeup giveaway is over and the lucky gal is…


I want to thank you all for supporting the blog and for following me on instagram, Through this giveaway, I not only got the chance to thank you, but I also met incredible girls with whom I can share my passion (that have amazing blogs as well). You can go to my instagram @le13emearrondissement or go to the giveaway post to see their names.

I leave you with the photos of the last look, a super casual outfit is just what sundays call for. I decided to go for all black just to make it a little less frumpy. Both the jeans and tee are from Forever 21, Selma bag from MK and boots are from Zara.

Until next time.













Hello loves! I want to share with you the photos of my last weekend getaway, i really loved this place, so colorful couldn’t stop taking pictures. I enjoy discouvering new places, so here are some of my favorites.

This is one of my favourite outfits yet, love the high waisted black pants, the blouse is actually my mango kimono that i used as a top, boots are zara and the hat i got it there. All together they give a boehmian vibe i love! 😉 IMG_0082









Hi everyone! i want to share with you what i’ve been up to, i hadn’t said anything before but i’m trying to get into a masters program in France, is been a long long journey but this week i finally sent my last application, so now i’m anxiously waiting for the results, wish me luck!. i was hoping i could relax during this time, but two months is just too much time to bear, so i’ll just try to focus on the blog instead of the calendar.
To take a bit of pressure off, i decided to go to one of my favorite places, where food is delicious and drinks are even better, Tata has the best mezcales in town, if you ever happen to be in Morelia, you have to stop by and try the “Pasion mezcalera” or try something of their always changing menu. Aside from that i also thought it was the perfect place for my next post, i want to add a little bit of interior design into the blog, a bit more of me.As for the clothes i chose this lace up top with a denim skater skirt, it was about time i caught up with the 70s wave, how do you you think it looks better? denim or leather skirt, monochromatic outfits are definitely in right now too. I really hope you enjoy this pictures, it was hard for me to choose, i think i took like 50, until next time.















Quiero compartir con ustedes lo emocionada que estoy por mostrarles las fotos de mi primer colaboración en el blog con la marca mexicana Fobizu. Como se habrán dado cuenta los que me siguen en instagram, hace una semana me llego un paquete de dicha marca, venia de todo playeras, termo, hasta una playerita para mi perrito, me hizo el día! me encantó todo y si algo deben saber de mi es que amo recibir paquetes, soy adicta a las compras en internet solo por la emoción de recibir el paquete y abrirlo como si fuera la mañana de navidad, pero bueno regresando al tema, en seguida me puse a pensar en los outfits para el siguiente post, debo admitir que me costo un poco de trabajo decidirme por un look porque las piezas son super versátiles, me gusta cuando puedo usar una blusa en el día con jeans para algo casual y en la noche cambiar los jeans por una falda, agregar un collar y listo! así que decidí tomarme la semana para hacerlos todos.

 La primer blusa gris, me encanto porque me permitía usarla de muchas formas, era lo suficientemente holgada para atarla y usarla sobre un vestido o con mis cut-off shorts favoritos, además es perfecta para esta temporada de calor. La segunda blusa blanca me quedo perfecta, la playera por si sola le da suficiente carácter al look, ya sea con un par de jeans o con un conjunto all white. Este es el resultado espero les guste.

I want to share with all of you my excitement! the photos of my very first collaboration with the mexican fashion brand Fobizu are finally here. As you may know if you follow me on instagram, last week i got a package from said label, it came with everything from t-shirts to thermos bottle, even a tiny tee for my puppy, i loved it all, if there’s something you should know about me is that i love receiving packages, i’m addicted to online shopping just for the joy of opening mail as if it was christmas morning, but back to the subject, i immediately started thinking about outfits for the next post, which was kind of hard since the pieces were so versatile, i love when i can transform a day look into an evening one just by changing one piece or adding a necklace. incapable to make a decision i opted to take the week to do them all.

What iss so great about the first grey tee is that i could wear it with everything, it was loose enough to tie it over a bodycon dress or use it with my favorite cutoffs and so suitable for these incredible hot days, i also think it could be great as a beach cover up. The white tee has the perfect fit, and i think it is kind of a statement piece so you just need to throw on some jeans or wear it with more sophisticated but basic pieces and you’re ready to go. So this is the final result, hope you like it.