Hi loves! Time for another giveaway. I’m so excited to announce that I am participating in this #loopgiveaway with 6 other amazing latin fashion and style bloggers on my instagram account @le13emearrondissement! 
We will be giving away the YSL Extremely for Eyes Make-up Palette. 
Here are the rules for this loop giveaway: 
1. Follow the 7 accounts in the loop: @thesophiasone @danidelt @chicpineapple @dayashopper  @maryanntristan @scarlett_vargas07 @le 13emearrondissement
2. Like this picture 
3. Tap the photo to see which profile to follow next
Remember you must follow ALL the accounts in order for your entry to be valid (we’ll be checking too! 👀😊)
The giveaway will close on Tuesday may 19th at 12:00 A.M. GMT-5.
The winner will be chosen at random on Random.org and will be announced on may 20th. Good luck! 😉🍀
Hola bloggies! Es hora de otro #giveaway. Estoy feliz de anunciarles que estoy participando en un #loopgiveaway con otras 6 increíbles bloggers latinas en mi cuenta de instagram @le13emearrondissement.

Estaremos regalando la Paleta para ojos YSL Extremely for Eyes Make-up Palette. 
Para entrar solo debes seguir los siguientes pasos:
1. Sigue las 7 cuentas del loop
2. Dale Like a esta imagen
3. Toca la imagen para saber cual es la siguiente cuenta y síguela, haz esto hasta completar todas.
Recuerda que para que tu entrada sea válida debes seguir TODAS las cuentas (estaremos checando👀😊) 
Una vez que regreses a mi cuenta habrás completado el loop.
La ganadora o ganador será escogido al azar en Random.org y será anunciado el 20 de mayo. Suerte! 😉🍀


Hi everyone! i want to share with you what i’ve been up to, i hadn’t said anything before but i’m trying to get into a masters program in France, is been a long long journey but this week i finally sent my last application, so now i’m anxiously waiting for the results, wish me luck!. i was hoping i could relax during this time, but two months is just too much time to bear, so i’ll just try to focus on the blog instead of the calendar.
To take a bit of pressure off, i decided to go to one of my favorite places, where food is delicious and drinks are even better, Tata has the best mezcales in town, if you ever happen to be in Morelia, you have to stop by and try the “Pasion mezcalera” or try something of their always changing menu. Aside from that i also thought it was the perfect place for my next post, i want to add a little bit of interior design into the blog, a bit more of me.As for the clothes i chose this lace up top with a denim skater skirt, it was about time i caught up with the 70s wave, how do you you think it looks better? denim or leather skirt, monochromatic outfits are definitely in right now too. I really hope you enjoy this pictures, it was hard for me to choose, i think i took like 50, until next time.