Guanajuato <3

As everybody knows this saturday was Valentine’s day. I’m single right know, and it can get a bit depressing especially on that day, so I decided to get away for the weekend with some friends, that just like me don’t have a valentine. We visited the beautiful colonial-era town of Guanajuato, Mexico, I was hoping to get some material for upcoming post unfortunately the weather was not on my side, we arrived around 6pm on saturday and it was a bit cloudy, by the time we got to the hotel checked in and left the car at the parking lot it was already 7pm, anyhow we were excited to see downtown, so we walked trough the beautiful cobblestone streets to the Juarez theater consider an architectural jewel, it was getting late to get ready and it had started to rain therefore we head back to the hotel.

We dressed up, I was planning to wear a cutout red dress but i forgot the shoes that go with and i ended up wearing a black ensemble wich was just fine since the climate didn’t allowed for bare shoulders and mini skirts. First we went to a bar called La madera, wich I loved, especially the mojitos, next it was time to go to Grill a very well known night club, the line to get in was about a block, thankfully one of my friends knew the rp or someone there and we got right in.

Next morning we woke up early to visit the town and take some pictures since we were unable the day before, we also had brunch in a charming restaurant called Van Gogh, really delicious, walked around for a while, and then we went back to Morelia, all a bit tired but pleased.
















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