DIY Asymmetrical draped skirt

I promised i would post the DIY of the drapped skirt i was wearing, so here it is, it is a bit tricky but so worth it!

You’ll need:

  • Streetchy fabric
  • Measuring rulers
  • Pencil or something to draw
  • Scissors
  • Iron on adhesive or you can sew it
  • Elastic
  • A pencil skirt that fits you well

First, place your fabric on a flat surface fold it in half and on top of it put the pencil skirt that you will use as a guide.


Cut the excess fabric and leave about an each for seam allowance.


My baby wanted to be in the picture haha. Now from the first layer only, take the bottom corner X and bring up, to the height of your hips and the O to the left where the shortest part of the skirt will end.

IMG_2964And then bring back O to the right, it should look like this.



Now you have three layers, place the iron on adhesive in between or sew the dashed line. Locate the elastic in the dashed rectangle and fold the fabric, i suggest you sew the elastic on it will last longer.



Finally turn it inside out and your skirt is done! hope you’ve liked this tutorial.



4 Comentarios

    • Hi Andrea! i hope these videos help you out:

      I follow the steps of the first one but i made mine way tighter and i folded the tip (X) higher almost to the hip, then folded the (O) about an inch to make the hem, that made the skirt shorter you can fold it as desire, sew it or glue it and then cut the excess. If you have any further doubts please let me know. Good luck!

      Me gusta


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