Desert sunsets

I was so excited to show you the pictures of my recent trip to Real de catorce but i work in an architecture studio and this has been the busiest week ever! but finally i took some time to tell you all about it. We knew it was a bit distant from home but not this far, after three buses and one cart pulled by a donkey (i know, such a cliche) for a total of 9 hours of travel we finally arrived to a little town named Real de Catorce, totally worth it, i fell in love with it immediately, is like a a complete different place stuck in time, probably the 70’s, a lot of hippies from all over the world live there.


So we went to the hotel left our stuff and hit the town, we wanted to do as much as posible since we were going to be there for two days only, that afternoon we took a jeep (they call them willys there) to the desert, it has to go trough clifs and narrow paths plus we were feeling adventurous so we decided we wanted to go on top of the jeep’s roof such an adrenaline rush, i saw the most beautiful sunset and the sky at night is so clear you can see every star, then we head back to town and went to a little bar called “Peace and love” i japanese rock band was playing that night, it was the most bizarre thing i’ve seen but so good even the waiters stoped working and started dancing.
Next day we woke up early and we walked about three km to see the ghost town that is at the top of a hill, took some pictures and enjoy the view of the town, we were leaving that day so we went ba         ck to have lunch at a beautiful restaurant in one of the boutique hotelscalled Hotel de la abundancia, we said goodbye to my sisters ucranian roomie, who was returning to Mexico city to take her flight next day and took the cart back to the bus station to start our long way back home. this trip was such and experience it has been one of those times when you feel trully alive, can’t wait to go back.






kimono mango

blue shirt mango

jeans and bag massimo dutti




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